Marching Band


Composed By

Randall D. Standridge

This production by composer Randall D. Standridge (Afterburn, Adrenaline Engines) explores all aspects of the human heart. It begins with the exciting Heartrate as the heart begins to beat strongly. Passion is explored in the bluesy Heartbreak, before the percussion take center-stage in Heartbeat. Scored well for large or small bands, this general-effect driven show is sure to win over the hearts of your students and audience.

Individual titles in this show:

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Score for Heart

Heartrate (score)


Score for HeartHeartbreak

Heartbreak (score)


Score for Heartheartbeat

heartbeat (score)

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Product Number: GMMB011

Price: $ 1000.00

Duration: 8:00

Grade: Grade 2+

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