Portrait of a Patriot

Concert Band

Portrait of a Patriot

Composed By

Anthony Susi

This three movement work is inspired by the courageous deeds and life of colonist Nathan Hale during the American Revolution.  The work opens powerfully with the movement Rebellion, reflecting the early confrontations by Hale and the Continental Army with the British.  The beautiful and reflective second movement Hale Homestead paints an idyllic portrait of the farm in Connecticut where Hale grew up.  The excitement level is ramped up in the rhythmic third movement Liberty!, depicting the continuing battles between Hale and his forces with the British and his capture by the British.  This superb suite for band can be used as an interdisciplinary tool to experience great music and have a hands-on experience with early American history.
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Score for Portrait of a Patriot

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Hale Homestead


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Duration: 5:33

Grade: Grade 2+

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