Steampunk Overture

Concert Band

Steampunk Overture

Composed By

Shirley Mier

Steampunk Overture is a band work featuring a large percussion section, evoking the sounds and images of the world of steampunk: a science fiction/fantasy genre based on the concept of nineteenth century steam-powered technology. After the opening fanfare, the music settles into a clock-like groove played by the percussion section. The main theme is played by a solo alto saxophone, then travels through other instrument families interspersed with outbursts from the brass and lyrical passages from the woodwinds. The energy builds as more instruments join in, weaving countermelodies around the main theme, and the piece reaches its destination with a crashing, chaotic cacophony of sound!
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Score for Steampunk Overture


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Product Number: GMM409

Price: $ 80.00

Duration: 3:44

Grade: Grade 4

Extra Score Product Number: GMMSC409

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