Companion of My Voice

Concert Band

Companion of My Voice

Composed By

Randall D. Standridge

In this deeply emotional work in the key of Db, the composer draws his inspiration from the Greek poet Arion in his poem that begins, “You harp, companion of my voice, come with me to the land of darkness.” The piece commemorates the triumphant spirit of Jasmine Gosselin, a bass clarinetist from Michigan who passed away from leukemia just before graduating from high school, and haunting solos from the bass clarinet begin and end this superlative work. Standridge once again here demonstrates his range of musicianship in this beautifully melodic, expressive work.

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Companion of My Voice

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Score for Companion of My Voice

Companion of My Voice (score)

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Product Number: GMM356

Price: $ 70.00

Duration: 5:43

Grade: Grade 3

Extra Score Product Number: GMM356SC

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