Brave Spirit

String Orchestra

Brave Spirit

Composed By

Randall D. Standridge

Edited By

J. Cameron Law

Inspired by the autobiography “Chinese Cinderella”, this spirited and unique string work incorporates a pentatonic scale to help paint a picture of a young Chinese woman who struggles finding acceptance in a primarily patriarchal society.  The work begins with a duet between violin and cello, symbolizing a conversation between the girl and her grandfather, before taking off into a joyful dance.  The middle section reflects the inner peace that the author Ms. Mah strived for, before returning to the more lively melody.  Brave Spirit is a unique work in the string literature, and has a powerful story to tell that your students will surely be enthralled by!
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Product Number: GMMOR175

Price: $ 58.00

Duration: 4:14

Grade: Grade 3

Extra Score Product Number: GMMOR175SC

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