Concert Band

Black Sails

Composed by

Jeremy Bell

Black Sails is a fast-paced adventure on the high seas, featuring arpeggiated figures in the woodwinds, powerful brass hits, and bombastic percussion.  Set in 6/8, the piece makes heavy use of hemiolas that continue to drive and build the energy of the piece.  Black Sails has several contrasting sections of dynamic and driving percussion punctuated by abrasive brass accents, as well as a more lyrical B section, where the melody becomes calmer and is transferred throughout the ensemble.  The brass change to a warmer sound in the B section, and the woodwinds change from an accompanimental figure to taking over the melodic theme.  The piece continues to build in intensity to the very end when the whole ensemble comes together, crescendoing to the final action-packed stinger.

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM434

Price: $ 75.00

Duration: 2:40

Grade: Grade 3

Extra Score Product Number: GMM434SC

Extra Score Price: $10.00