Concert Band

La Mariposa for Band

Composed by

Lorrie Baum

La Mariposa (The Butterfly), was originally written for string orchestra, and now a complimentary arrangement for concert band has become available. The composer, Lorrie Baum, herself having taught both strings and winds, at times in the same class, was always looking for music that could accommodate both groups to perform together. The string orchestra version has been quite popular, having been chosen for the Texas UIL Contest List, and now the piece can stand alone by either orchestra or concert band, or combining groups can create an impressive “Grand Finale” at any concert. La Mariposa, with its very catchy and memorable lilting melodies, gives students exposure to Latin music in the form of the Mambo. The Mambo is a syncopated style of music and dance that originated in Cuba in the early 1900s.  Alternating between D major and D minor, the melodic material in La Mariposa is evenly distributed between the high and low woodwinds and brass. Your students and audiences alike will love this piece!

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM445

Price: $ 70.00

Duration: 3:41

Grade: Grade 3+

Extra Score Product Number: GMM445SC

Extra Score Price: $8.00