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Finale from Brahms Symphony #1

Composed by


Arranged by

David Bobrowitz

Brahms Symphony No. 1 was finally premiered in 1876 after he had worked on it on and off for 14 years. This is an exciting new arrangement for young band that captures all sections of the final movement. Totally playable by young performers, the audience will be both shocked and impressed by the sophistication that your group will demonstrate in its performance. The arrangement starts with the dramatic slow beginning that leads to the famous theme (bar 10). The well known driving rapid ending starts at bar 35. This arrangement is a wonderful way to introduce young players to fine classical music. Very playable and authentic sounding, this fine arrangement is a terrific selection for a concert finale!

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM449

Price: $ 50.00

Duration: 2:05

Grade: Grade 1+

Extra Score Product Number: GMM449SC

Extra Score Price: $8.00