Concert Band

Trumpets in Motion

Composed by

David Bobrowitz

Composer Bobrowitz has created a fun filled, energetic feature for your trumpet section. Although written at a grade 2+ level, the piece will impress your audience with the technical sounds emanating from those young trumpet players. Realizing that everyone in the band needs to feel “important,” the accompanying band parts offer plenty of melodic and rhythmic material to keep fingers busy. The piece is in ABA form with a coda, and as the tune bounces back and forth between trumpets and band, your audience will be impressed by the skills demonstrated by all. This will be a piece you’ll want to program every time you have trumpet players that are ready to show what they can do!

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM467

Price: $ 70.00

Duration: 2:24

Grade: Grade 2+

Extra Score Product Number: GMM467SC

Extra Score Price: $8.00