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The Triumph of Maximillian I

Composed by



Kenneth Singleton

This set of five Renaissance pieces showcases three of history's finest composers: Josquin Desprez, Heinrich Isaac, and Ludwig Senfl. The unique harmonies and rhythms are retained here exactly as the composers published them. Singleton captures the essence of this beautiful early music to create an otherworldly setting that translates extremely well to the modern concert band.

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Triumph of Maximillian I

Triumph of Maximillian II

Triumph of Maximillian III

Triumph of Maximillian IV

Triumph of Maximillian V

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM161

Price: $ 85.00

Duration: 1:13 | 1:21 | 1:25 | 0:57 | 1:31

Grade: Grade 3

Instrumentation: Band

Extra Score Product Number: GMM161SC

Extra Score Price: $14.00