Concert Band

Ballad for an Uncommon Man

Composed by

Davide A. Pedrazzini

This heartfelt work evokes the memory of a dear friend of the composer, Angelo Sormani, who tragically passed away at a young age. It is a slow ballad with a lyrical and very expressive melody. The theme, introduced by the solo flute with vibraphone, develops in the woodwinds and then in the brass. In the second part there is a change of key (from Eb to F) and the theme is repeated in the medium-low lines. The piece ends with the melody expanding and becoming more rarefied. 

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM493

Price: $ 50.00

Duration: 4:05

Grade: Grade 2+

Instrumentation: Band

Extra Score Product Number: GMM493SC

Extra Score Price: $8.00